Providing 911 and Non-Emergent Ambulance and EMS Services to All of North Texas



911 Emergency Ambulance Services

We provide 911 Emergency and Ambulance Service to many areas in Texas. Our crews are trained to the critical care level and our fleet is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that treatment is delivered with exceptional care. 


Non-Emergent Medical Transport Services

In addition to our 911 services, we also provide all types of non-emergent EMS and medical transport services. If the call originates or terminates in the state of Texas, we pick you up, drop you off at your selected destination, and provide great care while making sure you arrive safely and on time. BLS, ALS, Critical Care,  and Wheelchair transportation are included in this category. 


First Aid and EMS Stand-by Events

Do you have an event that you need or want EMS providers to be there for your visitors or patrons? Sporting event where ambulance is required? Sacred Cross EMS, Inc. provides EMS and Stand-by services for any type of event. From site plans and emergency evacuation routes, to FIrst-Aid and wound care, and even fully equipped and staffed ambulances standing by--we can provide a service that meets your specific need.  

Other Services